The Big Party Setup

Unlike the blogging heyday, I took no pictures of the party during the party. So here are a bunch of set up pictures.

Early morning buttercream frosting creation and cake frosting. Making real buttercream is one of those magical cooking experiences. Also, I finished up the lemonade and limeade.

There is a mid-party photo! I took this because Deborah won the drawing, but had already departed. I texted her the picture.

The kitties take advantage of the quiet early morning on the catio. They stayed in my bedroom once the party got going. Notice the very clean porch that my brother pressure washed.

A lot of staging, but not quite ready. On the refrigerator you can see the paper where we kept track of RSVPs.

The party-ready incarnation of the refrigerator.

People came in via the back yard, so we oriented a lot of things there.

On the way in, people could initial which parties they had attended over the years. Plus say how long they had known either of us, and vote on when we should celebrate our anniversary.

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