The evolving story.

I started in July with a goal to write every day.  After the first three days, I started writing word counts.
I kept it up in August,  minus the four days I took off for Cindy’s wedding.  On the 15th I realized my plunge-in-and-write style wasn’t working and did some character development.  Then work started and I had no time to write.
I took a writing class in October, and resolved to return to outlining, as that had worked well in the past for me.  My goal was 500 words per day.  I was very good at meeting this goal.
Except for a few days, I kept it up in December, too.

Onward to January.  Will I finish my first draft by 1/31/14?  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “The evolving story.”

  1. Good job! And good luck! Now that the move is over, I'm hoping to dive back into writing too. I feel like my creativity has been stifled for forever.

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