The fair. Just getting started.

Here we are at the Oregon State Fair!  Hooray!  I love the fair.

One thing I noticed about the fair this year?  A lot of embellished pockets of jeans.  Like on this lady.img_5955

Matt takes a look at some fish.img_5958

The fair is a great place to come if you are thinking about Naturescaping.img_5959

A very good quote by Mr. Dickens.img_5960

Matt beats the kids to the mini-earth movers.  (There are advantages to arriving as the fair opens.)img_5961

To begin, we took the Fairlift so we could get a good overview.img_5963

The Fairlift gives some insights into the backstage area of the fair.  Look at all those prizes!img_5965

Were you looking for some sunglasses?  If you buy them here you get a free string!img_5966

Self-portrait from the Fairlift.


The fair wouldn’t be my first choice for Body Piercing.img_5968

But Henna seems the right level of commitment.img_5969

At this booth you could check out the things that god cannot do. (We never walked by this  booth, so I’m not sure what the three things were.)img_5970

Trust them. They have your flag.img_5971

A view of the other Fairlift seats.  It was early, so they were mostly empty.img_5972

What’s happening behind the scenes of the Corndog tent.img_5973

Matt plots our day of events. img_5976

To be continued!

6 thoughts on “The fair. Just getting started.”

  1. OH HOW I LOVE THIS POST!!! I love it so that I had to YELL that at the top of my all caps comment writing lungs!

    The fair overview is wonderful. We had hoped to take one of those sky rides on our visits to the fair this year but it was not to be.

    The jeans. Too too funny!

  2. Is it inappropriate to note that the lady in the embellished jeans has nice buns? Oh well, it’s true.

    Getting a piercing at the fair just doesn’t seem hygienic to me.

    1. I say yes. And I agree, about the buns and the piercing. When I got my belly button pierced, we were camping (there was a trip into town just for piercing because: 90s). It wasn’t good timing. The piercing got infected. Fun times.

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