The Fair: The animals we saw

We started at the Horse Stadium where some showing was going on.img_5956

Then we wandered through and saw the cows getting gussied up. (Note embellished pockets on the cow handler.)img_5977

And also cows napping.img_5978

Two-week -old calves are hard to resist, apparently.img_5979

Mooi was sleeping, though, so we did not get to pet Mooi.img_5980

This goat was all for the petting, though.img_5982

Pigs were being shown.  We also encountered them on their way back to their pens after being shown.  Those pigs are pretty big up close.img_5983


Pygmy goats!img_5986

I bet these guys don’t look quite so pretty when not at the fair.img_5989

Later in the day we stopped by the Extreme Creature Feature and saw all sorts of interesting creatures.

Like these turtles!img_6082

And this snake.img_6083

And my favorite:  the Alligator Snapping turtle.img_6090

They sit with their mouths open until some fish mistakes their tongue for something interesting and then SNAP!  Fish is dinner.img_6091 img_6092

There were also birds.  Like this parrot.img_6093

Some snakes had just hatched.  You can see the now-empty eggshell.img_6094

This made me think of Leath.img_6095

I loved these albino frogs.img_6098

This alligator seemed quite large.img_6102

Our last picture from the Extreme Creature Feature is this snake.img_6103

Great detail outside the Historic Poultry Building.img_6211

The bunnies were in the poultry building, too.  Here’s a pretty one.img_6212

Fluffy chickens.img_6213

And this fella.  Who looks pretty chill.  img_6215

3 thoughts on “The Fair: The animals we saw”

  1. I love love love pig showing. We caught some this year too. So fun! Pigs are just so smart.

    Cute cute cows. Last year we missed the poultry because of the bird flu. I know its odd for me to miss poultry – as that parrot picture makes me EEEEEEEEEEEE to look at it! But I did miss the fun chickens after all.

    Oh yes, Gregor! He was quite a good hissing cockroach (as far as it goes).

  2. That first goat’s face melted my heart. I love that sheep wool, but I agree with you, I bet it looks mess most of the time.

    There’s something about alligators and crocodiles (also sharks) that pings a primordial instinct of fear in me. I shuddered when I saw that picture.

    1. That goat picture made it into the top-10 pictures of the year AND appeared on the picture collage made into a puzzle that I sent to my dad for Christmas.

      I think your primordial instinct is right-on.

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