3 thoughts on “The Fair: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Good-bye fair!!!

    I do hope you make it to MN for the fair at least once before we go. I know it’s unlikely if you are also coming out for my defense. But I can hope. I guess, at least in theory, this next fair may be our last. So, see you in September???

  2. Fair goer problems, lol.

    I haven’t been to a fair since we lived in Dallas. I don’t recall having this good of a time. Perhaps it’s time to visit another fair with a more open mind.

    1. As with many things, an attitude of, “this is going to be amazing!” at the fair will take you far. For instance, I was describing the Fairlift to my co-worker and she said, “Oh, they have one of those things in [I think she said Santa Monica, but I realize you used to live there and will instantly know if they do or not and thus I am hesitant to officially commit to a city].” She continued. “I went on it once and thought, ‘It’s the same stuff, but from up in the air.'” Which she said with a ho-hum attitude. But IT’S THE SAME STUFF BUT UP IN THE AIR! How could I have gotten that shot of all the prizes strewn about, if I wasn’t on the Fairlift? How would I have been able to capture that that one booth had the flag you were looking for?

      I find this sense of excitement and wonder also does well for parades. And possibly every other activity that was hugely popular in the 19th century.

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