The Fair: The 4-H Building

Let’s see what the kids are up to in the 4-H building.

They’ve been growing things.  (The beans are wizened because we were visiting at the end of the fair’s run.)img_6022 img_6023

Lots of skirts.img_6024

A nicely dramatic cloak and fancy dress.img_6025

A denim shirt I found to be quite impressive.  There were a lot of places where crisp results are tricky (collar, placket, sleeves, buttonholes, pocket flaps) and Kadi navigated those well.img_6026

This was an amazing jacket.  I was very impressed.  Good job, Mylene.img_6027

Becca did an amazing job on this coat.  Too bad it’s covering up Ms. Folgate’s dress.img_6028

I really love looking at these informational posters.  Things have improved since I used to make them.  It’s much easier to reproduce pictures and use fun fonts.img_6030

Here you can read bios of the 4-H State Ambassadors.  (The bios were filled with typos, which was hard for me.)img_6031

Here’s an informational poster that looks more like the ones from my youth.img_6032

This art was very fun in a slightly disturbing way.img_6033

4-H has a selfie category!img_6034

4 thoughts on “The Fair: The 4-H Building”

  1. Those clothes are all really amazing. I’m very impressed. I particularly like the cloak and dress. I like the idea of a selfie category. Look at 4-H, keeping up with the times.

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