The Fair: Things to buy

Let’s look at some fun things to purchase at the fair.

An interesting insurance requirement, which I assume has to do with child trafficking or pornography, or something along those lines.


I also enjoy the sign added to bring our attention to the steampunk possibilities, as well as the display of the woman with very large breasts.  (Note that my enjoyment for the second is in its obviousness.)img_5991

You are missing something for your wrist, aren’t you?  This shop can help you.img_5992

These dogs walk forward and also perhaps bark.img_5993

No need to cover up your angel wings.  Here they are in rhinestone hoodie, with or without pink corset laces.img_5994

The food at this fair was sub-par. There were no churches selling specialty things, no Jobs Daughters selling baked potatoes.  We ended up with generic Yakisoba, made more fun by watching the X-Treme Air Dogs.  In the background you can see the fairlift.img_5995

Later, we got stuff at the Dairywomen’s booth.img_6037

Matt poses with a certain presidential candidate.  He didn’t want to get too close.img_6203

I know you needed a telescopic flagpole.  This is your place.img_6204

I wouldn’t have though the OR DOJ would have a booth at the fair, but here they were.img_6205

The fair is very cannabis-friendly, including this booth and there was a category of home-grown strains.img_6206

For the serious quilter in your life.img_6207

Same booth, a version of the Cinderella dress.img_6208

Why spend your time embroidering, when this machine can do it for you?img_6209

It’s Mr. Statue!  He’s usually in downtown Portland, but he made an appearance at the fair.img_6210

4 thoughts on “The Fair: Things to buy”

  1. Hi friend!!! I’m excited to come by and comment like a champ!

    Well – I hope it’s like a champ at least.

    So many shopping choices. A power quilter. No naked wrists. Old-timey photos with steampunk AND sexy options. Oh fair! I love the choices you provide (though I’m quite MEH about a bad food sitch – NOT GOOD). 😐

  2. Those barking dogs were all over SC – at the outlet mall and other spots. They were popular back in the day.

  3. I can’t believe Mr. Statue is still doing his thing after all these years! Perhaps it’s the paint, but it looks like he hasn’t aged a day.

    I feel sort of stupid asking, but are the telescopic flagpoles ACTUALLY flagpoles that double as a telescope? If so, that’s pretty cool.

    I also need to know what the X-Treme Air Dogs do because it sounds bad ass.

    Love the Cinderella dress!

    1. There was an article a few years back saying that Mr. Statue was going to cut back on his statuing because he was going to get a full-time job as a baker. Apparently, he has a kid and needed a steadier income. I’m not sure what happened with that, and I’m not often passing by his usual downtown spot anymore. He may have just taken the week off to do the fair?

      I think the telescopic flagpole is one that you can install and then telescope up to its full height. I’m guessing you can get the same height as a normal flagpole, but that it’s much easier to transport and/or buy. I don’t officially know, though.

      X-Treme Air Dogs involved the dogs running down a ramp and jumping after the rope toy their owners threw, then landing in the water and swimming back. Except for one owner, who seemed to be too mean and shouldn’t own dogs, this was a complete joy to watch. There were measurements to see how far the dogs could jump, but mostly it was fun to watch them be airborne and swim around happily. Some of them didn’t necessarily want to come out of the water.

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