The Grand McMenamins Passport Tour

We had a lot of places to visit so we started early.  Our first stop:


We arrived just as the restaurant was opening.  That purple ball had the cephalopod on it we needed to find to get our shirts.IMG_5354

On to Eugene.  Laurie and Matt pose outside our first location.IMG_5355

Visiting our second Eugene location (which was my favorite in this town)IMG_5357

Stopping at North Bank for two more stamps and our prize.IMG_5358

Our prize was a basket of fries or tots.  We also ordered lunch, which turned out to be a mistake.IMG_5359

You know you’re in Eugene when the McMenamins has bike parking.IMG_5366

Onto Corvallis.  Our first location had this amazing sink sculpture:IMG_5372

The second location had an English Pub feel.  Here we collected our prize of one free appetizer each.


Next came Salem and this amazing historic house-turned-restaurant.IMG_5390

Our last stop in Salem.  Time to claim our prize:  sandwich or wrap of our choice.IMG_5392

Wisely, we took them to go.  While we were waiting, we sang happy birthday to Phoenix, an eight year old who covered his ears while everyone on the patio serenaded him.IMG_5393

Two pages in one day!IMG_5394

5 thoughts on “The Grand McMenamins Passport Tour”

  1. I appreciate the variety of places that McMenamins has chosen to develop in. Of the few places I have actually been to, the Corvallis location with the sink sculpture was one of the first.

    1. Me too, about the development. And they reuse a lot of stuff, which is also something I love. You had a very good first McMenamins location. I’m not sure which one was my first.

  2. And not just bike parking – COVERED bike parking!!!

    More tots – you know I approve.

    Oh yeah! We have been there. Sweet!

  3. Why was lunch a bad choice? The sink sculpture is pretty neat. That was a lot of car travel for one day!

    1. Too much food! Lunch made us over-full and we consumed much too many things. We could have stopped eating after Eugene, but both Corvallis and Salem involved food prizes.

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