The Roseway Theater

Thanks to passes from excellent Youth Services Librarian Danielle, Matt and I got a free trip to the Roseway Theater. It was our first time visiting.

I really enjoyed this single-screen theater. It felt very much like people had wandered in from the neighborhood.

And holy cow the stained glass! There was this, with the theater name.

And then four panels featuring movie studios.

I recommend checking out the Roseway Theater yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Roseway Theater”

  1. Oh lovely theaters. We snuck in a physically distanced and masked movie outing in the short window in our state that they were open again before they were closed again (as of this Friday we are outdoor only for theaters/restaurants/etc. etc.–and we have only the crumble of a drive in theater that would be perfection for Covid movie watching but has long been defunct—screening room present and screen there but crumbling). This one is a delight. I love the stained glass.

    1. I’m glad you got in some movie-going during that window! I was thinking that Portland Parks doing their outdoor movies would probably be a good movie-watching opportunity this year, but it would be hard to set it up so that people were properly distanced.

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