Three sentence movie review: Captain America colon The Winter Soldier*

Chris Evans totally works for me as Captain America, and you can count me in the “Yes!” box for Scarlett Johansson, (especially when she has something to do besides look pretty) so I was pretty happy with this movie.  The plot was interesting, though a certain Movies 101 podcast spoiled almost everything for me.  It was long, but the pace clipped along quite nicely.

Cost:  $11.00 (it was an Easter splurge)
Where watched:  Regal Lloyd Center 10 with F. Kelly and Matt

*I like to say the colon out loud.  Because it’s kind of a pretentious title.  Why not just Captain American II?

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie review: Captain America colon The Winter Soldier*”

  1. My only beef with this movie was that, for a movie with "The Winter Soldier" in the title, there didn't seem to actually be much winter soldier in the film. That having been said, I enjoyed it tremendously. I love Chris Evans as Captain America & I love the actor who plays the winter soldier.

    Weird fun fact: I was surprised when Anthony Mackie, who plays Cap's new sidekick, turned up as the bully boxer at Frankie's gym in "Million Dollar Baby." And he's in "The Hurt Locker" (2009 winner) as well!

  2. He looked really familiar to me, too! I think he's who they go to for short Italian-ish guy.

  3. Shawn saw this one without me. My usual 3-sentence comment refrain will be the same. I just don't see so many movies any more.

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