Three sentence movie reviews: A Life Less Ordinary

Part of the Ruby Oliver Film Festival.

Though I want to be an Ewan McGregor fan, mostly he leaves me cold as an actor.  But not in this very bizarre movie which I really liked. I mean, there’s a random dance sequence in the middle, how could I not be a fan?

Cost:  free due to Heather’s magical movie thing. (Though she may have had to pay?)
Where watched: at Heather’s house in Kansas.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: A Life Less Ordinary”

  1. Sorry, I took a break to read, write a one page response paper, and chat with my mom on the phone. I am rather enjoying seeing Ruby's take on movies I have the more concrete image of the poster and your commentary. It makes it come to life, which is lovely.

  2. I felt like I'd seen this so I looked it up on IMDB and discovered that: 1. I have not seen it and 2. This movie sounds so bizarre! Like, "every single person involved in it from start to finish was high on drugs" bizarre. Why did Ruby Oliver include it?

  3. It was bizarre! But in a good way. Ruby has it on her list in the category of: Movies where the couple hates each other half the time.

    For years I've been confusing this movie with True Romance, which I've not seen.

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