Three sentence movie reviews: About Time

I’m kind of in the same camp as Tim’s Dad and would use my power to go back to any point in my life to read everything I want to read (and perhaps catch up on my movie viewing too,) but from a cinematic standpoint,  it was probably more fun to watch Tim use his powers to get a girlfriend.  This is a sweet and clever movie that manages to unexpectedly knock it out of the park near the end.  Highly recommended.

ps.  The wedding in this has become my new favorite wedding-in-film scene.

Cost: $2.00 from Videorama
Where watched: at home.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: About Time”

  1. This movie didn't seem to sit well with a lot of critics. I'm glad to hear your point of view on it. I may see it some day, although I might need time traveling abilities to do so. 😉

  2. Yet another man reviewer/woman reviewer chasm, I think. I didn't see it initially because of the tepid review in the paper. But two female friends gave it raves and they weren't wrong.

  3. I was dying to see this. For some reason we never quite got to the theater to see it. Now I want to see it even more.

  4. I think I would go back to have a few stern conversations with my teenage self. There were a few pining years I would like to nip in the bud. Not major regrets – just a slight adjustment!

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