Three sentence movie reviews: Black Panther

If you are going to see one–and only one–superhero film, this is a good pick, mostly because it’s so well done, but also because this superhero film has put women front and center in a way that none of its predecessors have.* It’s an action-packed, meaningful narrative that handles very well its many plot arcs. That said, I have seen many superhero films and am burned out on the genre, so while I appreciated how good this movie was, I also didn’t love it in the way I would have had I seen it in 2012, instead of 2018.

Cost: $9.00
Where watched: Century 16 Eastport, our first visit to that theater. Movies start early at Century Theaters. Our showing was at 8:45 a.m.

*Except Wonder Woman, but if that movie wasn’t female forward, it would have been a disaster.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Black Panther”

  1. This movie was really incredible and I loved it so much. I was so worried that it would fall short of the hype, which it did not in any way! It was really great to see it on opening weekend.

    1. So good it inspired two three-sentence comments from you! I especially loved Michael B. Jordan in this.

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