Three sentence movie reviews: Camp Nowhere

Not a bad film, for what it is, namely a popcorn flick that was designed for adolescent viewing on cable.  Enjoy identifying child actors who are still working, and also enjoy the plot.  Get angry that the “fat” girl is barely even normal sized.

Cost:  free via some magical thing that lets you choose movies from a list.
Where watched:  At the Wolf Pack’s house in Kansas, where they have several choosing movie things that I don’t understand.  It was like living in the future.

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8 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Camp Nowhere”

  1. Greetings from the future! We watched free movies on demand from my cable company, on Netflicks and on Amazon Prime. But, that last section cracked me up so much that I am crying!

  2. Yes! Those were the names you said! I've heard of all of those things. But don't really experience them in my world. It's like going to someone's house now and trying to watch TV without a tutorial on the various remotes. You might have noticed I never once used a remote in your house. I'm at a mid-to-late 1990s level of cable TV technology. Those movie thing didn't exist at that time. Maybe someday I'll join the future. 🙂

  3. This is one of the things about you that I find especially charming and endearing. I hope it never changes fully, maybe just shifts a bit in the next years. I only say that because I want you to be able to thoroughly enjoy your retirement, and that may mean working your robot personal assistant.

  4. I like the term popcorn flick. I;m not sure that I have ever heard it. And now that I've actually made no comment about the movie in my 3-sentence movie review comments, I need to go make some popcorn.

  5. I better read another chapter first. But I am telling you that is about all I need to get the wok out and fire it up with some popcorn. Oooh and it cooks oh-so-fast on our gas stove (LOVE.)

  6. What a time capsule of actors/actresses who hit their stride in the 90s! Let me guess, does Thomas F. Wilson play a bad guy? I'm embarrassed to admit that I recognize Jonathan Jackson from his stint as Lucky on General Hospital because when I was in college, watching daytime soaps was a "thing" for some reason.

    Side note: Andrew Keegan was recently in the news here because he started a new religious movement in Venice (which is next door to SM). From the quotes of his I read, it sounds like he's discovered the good drugs.

  7. Thomas F. Wilson isn't totally bad, but he's the bumbling authority figure. I had to look up who that was. Biff, of course, from Back to the Future. In his IMDB profile picture he has mesmerizing eyes.

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