Three sentence movie reviews: Diary of a Teenage Girl


I loved the design of this movie, how the animations would sometimes take over the movie itself.  I also thought it accurately captured a lot of the feelings and emotions that occur when young women become sexually active* (though thankfully, most of us aren’t sleeping with our mother’s boyfriends).  There is a general out-of-control feeling, which is uncomfortable, but the total package is a winner.**

Where watched: at home
Cost: free from Netflix

*This is so rare to see on film!
**And I can’t wait to see more of Bel Powley.  I’ll start with that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret movie.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Diary of a Teenage Girl”

  1. Yep, more NFS fare. I appreciate your commentary above and know how important such depictions (perhaps minus mother’s boyfriends) are for a society to see. The poster is kind of fun, too!

  2. Did you review another movie with a similar title? Something about a 13-year-old girl? Perhaps it didn’t have a similar title at all and I’m just getting confused. I’m not familiar with Bel Powley but I like Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard. I’m intrigued.

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