Three sentence movie reviews: Dick

This was an enjoyable bit of fluff, that would have been a greater amount of fun before we found out who Deep Throat was.* This is a great example of Williams and Dunst bringing their all, even to the least of their roles.  Dan Hedaya was also good as Nixon.**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*Another marker of my nerd life: I often wondered if I would still be alive when the identity of Deep Throat was revealed.  Happily, I am!  That was a very exciting day.
**Potential task for when I have too much time on my hands: make a list of every actor I’ve ever seen portray Nixon.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Dick”

  1. Why stop with Nixon? You could do all of the presidents! 🙂 Such young’uns (young uns? young’ns? youngens)

    1. I saw the Post last night, and so there’s another Nixon to add to my list. This one might not have even gotten screen credit. They always showed him from the back from a distance and used Nixon’s actual voice, so for this actor, it was all about the gestures.

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