Three sentence movie reviews: Edward Scissorhands


It was interesting to revisit this film 25 years after I first watched it.  Overall, I don’t think the narrative held up, though I think Edward Scissorhands is such an iconic character, that this movie can skate by even without a solid plot.  Diane Wiest remains my favorite “mom” from 1980s films.*

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*see: Footloose, Parenthood, this movie.  Also don’t forget her overwrought actress in Bullets Over Broadway.  “Don’t speak!”

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Edward Scissorhands”

  1. This is one of those movies, like Reality Bites, that I would desperately like to love, but I simply don’t. I never got the appeal of this one, and with the way that Johnny Depp’s acting went in the years after this, I now see it as the beginning of his descent into kookiness. I concur about Dianne Wiest though. An excellent 80s movie mom – she was the mom in Lost Boys, too!

  2. Wow! Like you I have not seen this movie since the theater, I think. Interesting that the premise doesn’t really hold up.

  3. This was the last movie of Vincent Price. For that reason alone, it is special. I think, if you honestly look at all of Johnny Depp’s characters, they are a little bit kooky.

    1. And he grows distractedly more kooky as time wears on. I’d like to see him do a straight drama, or even a comedy where he plays a man without makeup etc. He’s playing Whity Bulger in a movie coming up, but he’s pretty obscured by the makeup job.

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