Three sentence movie reviews: Gone Girl

gone_girl_ver3Just as gripping on second viewing and so much fun because three of the four main leads are women.  And I love all their performances.  Matt really enjoyed it too, if by “enjoyed” you mean “was completely and thoroughly disturbed by the ending.”

Cost: $2.00 at Videorama
Where watched:  at home with Matt to celebrate my new job.

poster from:
I think the other poster where Mr. Affleck has his back to the camera is even better than this one, but I’ve already used that one.  But even this lesser version, this is a fabulous poster.  Do you see the eyes???

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Gone Girl”

  1. Nope, still hated the book so much that I’ll never see the movie. Also, I don’t want to watch Rosamund Pike playing evil. I like her too much.

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