Three sentence movie reviews: Lost City of Z

A gripping tale of Percy Fawcett, explorer of the Amazon.  In this tale, Mr. Fawcett is much more enlightened than his contemporaries, and respects the “primitive” societies and landscape he is exploring.* Balances nicely the adventure and the family scenes on the home front.**

Cost: $1.50 from Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt

*I’m a bit suspicious of how much of this attitude is historically accurate to the real Percy Fawcett, and how much has to do with contemporary movie makers still wanting to make an adventure movie set in a time period where the motivations for exploration were mostly icky.

**Fun realization.  Watching the DVD extras and discovering that in some countries this movie is called the Lost City of Zed. 😉

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  1. This is not a three sentence response – I am just going to say hi so it is exempt.

    Hello BTW! It has been forever. I am starting to begin my recovery from the semester. Yesterday was a work day (emails and more) and a shopping day (almost done with gifting now). Today has been a bit more chill. I have a gals night tonight but today I allowed myself some breathing room…thus some comments for you here @ Orange Door!!

    1. Hello to you! I have a blissful Friday night with no plans. So I’m catching up on your blog comments. So nice that we were in blog sync. I’m glad you are starting on the semester recovery plan.

  2. I loved this book! I don’t recall if Mr. Fawcett was respectful of native cultures. But it bothers me to no end that they hired Charlie Hunnam to play him when the guy was like 58 when he disappeared. And looked nothing like Charlie Hunnam. However, it recently turned up on Amazon Prime so I’ll probably watch it.

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