Three sentence movie reviews: Midnight Special

I liked that this was a sci-fi film that dropped me in and I had to make sense of what was happening.  I liked the performances, especially Joel Edgerton.  Everything isn’t explained–I had several days of, “hey, but what about…?” which added to the good cinematic experience.

Cost: $1.50 from Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Midnight Special”

  1. I was so excited to see this because it was the same director/actor combo that brought us the magnificent “Take Shelter” but in the end I thought it was just okay. “Take Shelter” was definitely the superior film of the two. I didn’t realize that director also brought us a “Mud,” a film I wanted to like but couldn’t even get through.

  2. I’m getting a creepy Harry Potter vibe from that poster. I love a drop in the middle and figure it out movie moment (when it is done well)! I also like that you categorize it in that manner.

    1. The poster is a little creepy, but the movie isn’t so much. By the time you see him with those goggles, you’ve been distracted by other things.

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