The weekend plan. And some ice.

Apparently there wasn’t much work to do during my work-from-home day.  Good thing I could fill the time with tasks.

That 11:00 list?  Library, x-mas stamps, grocery shop?  That was optimistic.  I thought the ice would have melted off by then, but it was just as slick as it was first thing in the morning.  I made it to the library and back home, but it was no 20-minute round-trip journey.  I made it to New Seasons, but Fred Meyer had to wait until the next day.  The Christmas stamps weren’t bought until the next week.

Here’s a backyard visual.  It doesn’t look bad, but man, it was tough to walk on.  I used my trekking poles and they kept me upright.

5 thoughts on “The weekend plan. And some ice.”

  1. Ugh, ice, my least favorite winter phenomenon. I’m so glad you had those walking poles! You Portlanders really got the worst of it this past winter.

    1. I heard that the snow in Boise kept coming and coming and coming in a non-Boise way, but I wasn’t there to experience it, so yes, we did have the worst winter. 🙂

  2. Yes, my Boise peeps were not happy to have our (much missed by actual Minnesotans but not by me) regular Minnesota weather. I like that To Do list, on a side note!

  3. PS-So fun to see 2017 in the sidebar! I won’t be there for commenting for a while but still fun to see. YAY you!

  4. That also means you leapfrogged ahead of us….

    Just a few more days and that prelim will be done! 2 days. Just 2.

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