Three sentence movie reviews: Please Give


I enjoyed this film on one level because all of the characters seemed like real people, which meant that they were both likable and flawed.  But I mostly enjoyed this because it had a range of actresses of a variety of ages who were fun to watch.   There was nice tension about living with/around your neighbors too.

Cost: free from library (I think someone is watching all of Nicole Holofscener’s films as this is the second I’ve plucked from the rack.)
Where watched: at home.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Please Give”

  1. I was trying to get IMDB to tell me what this movie is about but it *wasn’t working*. The Earth nearly ground to a halt. Fortunately, Wikipedia was working, and this sounds like an interesting film. I like Catherine Keener.

  2. Seems like it might pass Bechdel? I recently heard her speak about that, it was very interesting. Still a very low baseline that we cannot meet.

    1. Yes, with Holofcener movies she’s not so concerned about the males. Are you telling me you recently heard Alison Bechdel speak? I wish your blog was up to date.

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