Three sentence movie reviews: Snowpiercer

If only this movie hadn’t gotten draggy in the middle, I wouldn’t have had time to ask a whole bunch of questions that the movie couldn’t provide me with satisfactory answers for. However, when not dragging, it was an interesting film that kept me guessing.  I loved the cast, although there was a rather egregious black lady thanking the white man scene that was a bit cringe-y.

Cost: $3.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst with Matt.  We were headed to the Academy Theater, but running late.  Driving by the Laurelhurst I noted that the same movie was playing and would start in 10 minutes.  We parked and watched.

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  1. I do love Chris Evans, and am rather fond of Jamie Bell and Tilda Swinton. Plus, there really aren't enough decent science fiction-y movies in the world. I'll have to check this one out some day. You know, after the billion other movies I need to watch first.

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