Three sentence movie reviews: Spotlight


This movie has vaulted to the top of my Incredible-You-Must-See-It movie list* as it contains a story that won’t stop–but never goes overboard–and incredible acting and also LIBRARIANS!**  I found the story to be upsetting in that way that means it happened in real life, and no one did anything.***  The “upsetting” means a bunch of people aren’t going to see it, but that’s a shame because this is the kind of movie that won’t leave you in the best way possible.

Cost: free due to birthday gift card from brother
Where watched:  Regal Fox Tower

*You know this list lives in my head, right?  It doesn’t really exist in written form.
**The librarians aren’t really part of the plot, but it’s really cool to see pre-digital newspaper research. It almost makes up for the sad feeling one gets when one thinks of what was to come for the newspapers.
***I mean really, the levels of complacency in this film are gasp-inducing.

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  1. I had no idea what this movie was about until I watched the GG last night, but I keep hearing a lot of good buzz about it. I doubt I’ll get around to seeing it in the theater, but I will see it at some point. I’m no longer a stranger to movies with depressing topics. BTW, saw a great documentary last week called “A Girl in the River,” about honor killings in Pakistan. Absolutely rage-inducing, but very good.

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