Three sentence movie reviews: The Peacemaker


What Matt remembered about watching it in 1997: eh, it was fine.  My review: eh, it was fine.  It’s one of those action films that maximized their location budget, so there is a lot of  good lookin’ international scenery.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Peacemaker”

  1. This is when Clooney was doing the Caesar. And Nicole Kidman hasn’t had so much work done and looked like herself. Interesting to have a look back like that!

    1. There are two scenes where she is swimming for exercise and I couldn’t help pointing out all the ways she clearly wasn’t a swimmer.

  2. That poster is cracking me up. I’m seriously in tears over here. It’s seriously so ridiculously hokey and fake. Look at him running in his polo shirt! Lol. Also, in addition to not being a swimmer, Kidman clearly isn’t a runner, either.

    1. It’s a very serious film. Can’t you tell?

      Reading the trivia page on IMDB after watching it was probably the best part.

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