Three sentence movie reviews: The Post

I found this to be a nice, solid drama with great performances all around. After I’ve seen a film, I try not to read other people’s reviews before I’ve written mine. In this case, I’ve failed and some other Letterboxd reviewer’s words express my feelings: this was a perfectly good film, but the entire time I was watching it, I wondered why I wasn’t re-watching Call Me By Your Name or The Shape of Water. *

Cost: $8.00 (So expensive! I know!  I was invited though, and it’s a neighborhood theater)
Where watched: St. John’s Twin Cinema with Kelly.

*The Shape of Water was not my thing, but the sentiment remains the same.  A fine film, but not good enough to surpass a re-watch of a really good film.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Post”

  1. I haven’t seen this yet, but want to. I have heard similar sentiments about it being solid, but not world crashing. That poster is so visually appealing!!!

    1. I also really like the poster.

      I forgot to say that the fact that you get to watch the typesetting and newspaper printing is a big plus for this movie. My mother cited that as her favorite part.

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