Three sentence movie reviews: The Shape of Water

I wasn’t going to like this movie and I didn’t.* As I told my workmate: I don’t do torture and I don’t do animals in peril and this movie had a lot of both. However, in pulling apart the pieces that make the whole, I can report that the movie had excellent acting, good story and awesome set design.

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: Hollywood Theatre with S. North, who didn’t like it either. (She doesn’t do fantasy.)

*Even the previews of Guillermo del Toro movies creep me out. Pan’s Labyrinth, I’m looking at you!

[Side note: This is the third movie I’ve watched in a month where Michael Stuhlbarg has a role.  He was the dad in Call Me By Your Name; the owner of the New York Times in The Post, and he plays a scientist in this film.  In all of these roles he is very different, almost unrecognizable.  Good job Mr. Stuhlbarg.]

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Shape of Water”

    1. I’m about to go to an Oscar Party where it will probably win oodles of awards. Sigh.

      (Again, not a bad movie, just not for me.)

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