Three sentence movie reviews: Tiny Furniture

I was a fan, as I’m always interested in movies that mark college-to-real-world transition, especially from a female perspective.  It was also interesting as fan of the television show Girls, because some of the same actors appear. There’s a scene that takes place in a playground that will probably stick with me for awhile.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Tiny Furniture”

  1. Does the movie actually have anything to do with tiny furniture? I.e., does she start making tiny furniture while she tries to figure out what else to do with her life?

  2. Her mother is a successful artist who makes the tiny furniture of the title. I actually can see her writing the script and thinking, "her mother is an artist who makes…[pauses, looks around, thinks of something entirely stupid to be famous for] tiny furniture."

  3. I remember NPR's review of this moving in a vague sort of way. I know it got a lot of buzz. Lena Dunham seems rather fearless in pretty amazing ways.

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