Three sentence movie reviews: Trading Places

An amusing tale of a switcharoo scenario set up by the callous and wealthy Randolph and Mortimer Duke. For being an early-80s film, this doesn’t contain very many cringe-y 80s film moments.* It’s also amusing and there’s a good message buried in the plot.

Cost: Netflix subscription
Where watched: at home. (I watched this because it was mentioned by Tasha Robinson on Filmspotting episode #675 as part of the Top 5 Movie Homages)

*Exception: boobs. So many needless boob shots everywhere. The 80s were such a boob-focused decade.

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  1. Wow! It has been a long time since I saw this, but I remember rather loving it. Nice to know that is has aged decently, minus the overabundance of gratuitous boobs!

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