Time to Put on the Winter Quilt

During the warm months, the winter quilt is folded and stored between the matress and the box spring. But once the temperature dives, I’m ready for the chilly weather.

While this quilt was the quilt I learned that I don’t like to quilt, it’s warm and heavy and will probably serve me for many more years to come. It’s already about 15 years old.

2 thoughts on “Time to Put on the Winter Quilt”

  1. I love the lesson of this quilt. Good to know.

    I also enjoy the relative cooler weather of this fall/winter. I say relative cooler—as a recent Minnesota transplant to California–who is deeply enjoying this version of winter over the previous polar vortexness of the North Star State.

    1. I had a similar enjoyable transition from Massachusetts to Oregon!

      It took me much longer to adjust to the cool summers, but after 19 years I find myself sighing in relief when we get an 80 degree day (with breezes) after a string of 90+ days.

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