Too many music distributors.

I really would like one, compact thing, with witch to access all of my music.  Instead I have a menagerie.

Here’s the stereo, which plays the radio, CDs, cassette tapes and also records, if I hooked up the record player.

Because the stereo doesn’t really get good radio reception, I also bought this radio which I love! It’s small (notice it tucked away next to the stereo in the above picture) and the knob gives a satisfying “click” when I turn it on.  The reception is superior, which is great because I listen to the radio a lot.
Unless you factor in podcasts.  With the new phone, I found an app that gives me podcasts I love.  Because I don’t like to walk around the house with ear buds in my ears, I bought this Bluetooth speaker.  It stores nicely in a drawer.
And then, if I want to listen to any non-CD, non-cassette music, I have the iPod, which is old.  It doesn’t even have all of my music because it doesn’t all fit (the rest is stored on my computer.)  I could listen to the podcasts via iTunes on the iPod, but I find iTunes incredibly unfriendly (and I know I’m in the minority here, but iTunes just doesn’t work the way my mind works) so I don’t get the podcasts through iTunes.

Someday I would like to have a compact stereo system with speakers that can play in different areas of the house, and my music/podcasts on one device.  But right now?  I straddle many worlds.

3 thoughts on “Too many music distributors.”

  1. Oh the pains of modern life. I agree. We have devices and device holders everywhere. I would like one uniform system myself. Maybe you can have the house wired for sound and install speakers everywhere. 🙂

  2. Yeah, that's been the plan since Arana's dad did that with his house. Now there are wireless speakers, so I wouldn't even have to wire, but it's the money. It's always about the money.

  3. At this point, I've gotten rid of all of my records, tapes, and CDs. I went all-digital. When I want to listen to music in a different room, I just carry my laptop in there and play it (my "ancient" iPod finally died last month). Still, it's not ideal. The speakers on my laptop aren't great. It would be fun to have your whole house wired for sound. My uncle's house is like that. It's pretty neat.

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