Top movies of March 2016

11 total movies watched

Miss You Already
Friendship and death and a cancer story that takes some unusual turns.

Terrifying, and not actually a horror film.

Love & Basketball
This is such a good movie.

Hard to watch, but good to watch.

You know how movies have trouble getting moms right?  This movie doesn’t.

p.s. All Top Movie this month were directed or written (or both) by women!  How’d that happen?  I should probably tell you about my project.  Post coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Top movies of March 2016”

  1. I’m too lazy to go back through your posts for information. Did you see and review “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”? I watched it recently & really liked it. Amusingly, of my two friends I saw it with, one liked it (although not as much as me) and the other loathed it so much she left partway through. (That same friend told me that one of the most horrific films I’ve ever seen, “I Stand Alone,” is one of her favorites.)

    1. I’ve read the book and I loved it so much (because it reminded me of high school friends) that I decided not to watch the movie. I’m not at all confident that the things I love about the book would translate onto the screen. It was an audience favorite at Sundance though, and I heard good things about it. I’m glad you liked it.

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