2 thoughts on “Top movies September 2018”

  1. 11 movies is a bit light for you, right? There are a few of these original reviews that i have not commented on…having fallen off my reader. Not to worry, I have saved my retro spot of the last post I commented on! 🙂

    I just caught up! 45 minutes and I got 20 comments in and a couple of emails sent to you! A perfect way to start my Monday.

    I hope you are having a nicely busy day that is the Goldilocks of busy – JUUUUUUSSSSSSTTTTTT RRRIIIGGHHHHTTTTT!

    1. I should make a graph. I would guess I see 2-3 movies per weekend on a regular basis, so this is probably about normal? There was prep for the vacation and I think that sucked up a whole weekend.

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