Turner Hall

Here you can read about Turner Hall.  I never took a picture of the entire building.  The website isn’t too interested in showing the whole building either.


But with this really great sign, you can see why I got distracted.


Being tourists, we headed to the Rathskeller. I’d read they serve “heavy German food” which was music to my ears.


We went for Herman Balls.  In case you aren’t aware, that’s German potato salad deep fried with 1000 Island Dressing to dip.  Herman Balls were delicious.



Sara chose the Brat Sliders and I had the best grilled cheese sandwich ever:  Bacon Almond Grilled Cheese with chunks of green onion.  IMG_4070

The Rathskeller had this great poster, which I photographed just so Matt could read me everything.


It also has amazing murals and a great fireplace.


The bathroom featured wonderful historic photos.  Guys in the bar:


Turner gymnasts back in the day. I’m guessing the vast majority of Turner gymnasts today are female.



2 thoughts on “Turner Hall”

  1. Ahh, this is making more sense now. New Ulm was a German enclave in the otherwise very Swedish Minnesota. The Rathskeller looks like a hoot. I notice the guys drinking beer were decidedly less buff than the guys doing gymnastics. 😉

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