Sites of New Ulm

After that Turner Hall dinner, we needed a walk. New Ulm provided us with fun things to photograph.

Here they are in no particular order:

Most of the downtown buildings had great bones, but had undergone some unfortunate street-level renovations probably in the 60s and 70s.  This hardware store looks good though.  I would probably re-do the awning, but other than that.



Sara posing with a cutout of someone. I forgot to take a picture of the sign, though.



The famous New Ulm glockenspiel from the back.



And the front.


And the closeup.


And some info.  We missed seeing the glockenspiel, arriving after 5:00 pm.  And we had to leave the next day before noon, so the glockenspiel will just have to wait.


The Wanda Gag house.  (Gag is pronounced Gogg)  You might remember her 1928 children’s book Millions of Cats.  This is where she grew up.  (Houses & Homes theme!!!)



Awesome cutout detail on the second story of this house.


The John Lind House.



You know I love this wrought iron.


We spent a lot of time looking at this fabulous house.  First, the turret.


Front view.


Carriage house.


Roof detail.


Widow’s walk and roof detail.


Back side of the carriage house.  There was also a converted barn.



Moving on to another house we find some yard decor.



The New Ulm Witness Tree in silhouette.


Explanation.  One of our problems with New Ulm was the constant references to the “Dakota Uprising” without a lot of contextualizing the Indian side of the conflict.  This was a very large oversight in our minds.


New Ulm Witness Tree in color.


A very fun re-do of this street-level business.  Unfortunately, most of them look like the insurance company, as pictured on the right side.


I loved these brick sculptures.


Hermann makes an appearance.


Sara steps off a carriage step.  We noted that either the step has moved, or the road has gotten smaller.


Nice glass detail.




3 thoughts on “Sites of New Ulm”

  1. It looks like a really cute little town. I wonder how much those huge houses go for? I’m absolutely fascinated by the brick sculptures. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

    1. Well, Sara and I being house whores with smart phones, I can tell you. We didn’t look up the really big fancy house, but there was a five bedroom white brick for sale that needed a bit of work. I guessed about 200K and I think it was 150K. We had to adjust our housing guesses down after that.

  2. This could also be entitled “the walk that Sara bitched and bitched and bitched about the representation of the Dakotah people.” Thanks for making sure that my grumblings were included in such a nice way. The Nazi sympathizers got more love than the American Indians who had lived there. Oh boy, I can feel my newly boiled activist blood starting to roil again…

    It was a beautiful walk. And truly perfect after a hearty German meal!

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