White Elephant Gift Winner!

This year, I again scored Jane’s favorite songs at the Heidi and Kevin’s White Elephant Christmas party.  Jane is eight now, and our musical taste still hasn’t quite lined up.

That “Closer” song by the Chainsmokers is always on the radio.  I kind of like it, even if it’s fairly repetitive and a little too overproduced for my tastes.  Matt was really annoyed by the Kidz Bop Kids version of “Call Me Maybe,” I’m not sure why he cared that much, but he did.

Hopefully I will have a threepeat in 2017.

4 thoughts on “White Elephant Gift Winner!”

  1. Jane has very grown up taste! Lol. Against all reason, I like that Chainsmokers song. It’s so catchy! I had to learn the title/who sings it for trivia, as it comes up fairly often.

  2. And very eclectic taste! 🙂 Poor Matt! It would be funny if you made that his ring tone for when he calls you! Bwah ha ha!

    1. Can you still do ring tone things? I haven’t heard one (except for seemingly homeless people riding the train) in a very long time. I seem to have missed that phase of the cell phone world.

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