XMas Eve Eve

We celebrated Xmas Eve Eve early this year.  Normally, we celebrate on 12/23 (the Eve of Christmas Eve) but moving it up allowed us to have more things to chat about.  When we have three days in a row of hanging out with the fam, we’ve exhausted all conversation.

We celebrated with the traditional soups and bread.  And Mom brought along this fun decorating kit purchased at Trader Joe’s.

I made these white chocolate peppermint covered brownies for dessert, which were delicious.

Our decorated sweaters.They were great fun.  Good choice, mom!

8 thoughts on “XMas Eve Eve”

  1. So cute! I love it. My favorite is the green sweater vest. I wonder if the sweater vest will come back in fashion?

  2. Okay friend! Hi and goodbye. I must away to my other tasks. But if you look closely on my insta TO DO list post, you will see PCC comments. Now I can check that off! Boo-Yah!

    It was super nice to virtually catch up with December you! Love April Me!

  3. Here it is! The last commented post – discovered! Alas, there are too many to finish up today. December 11 post 2 to December 30 Protest art will have to have some Sara K. time in the future…

    Soon I will be back to more current content. Enjoy the mail!


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