Willy Vlautin author reading at Powell’s

Aside from being the lead singer and songwriter of Richmond Fontaine Willy Vlautin is also an author.  He was reading at Powell’s to promote his new book the Free.  Did I mention he lives in Portland, Oregon?

Mr. Vlautin is a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow, which made for a pleasant evening.  He told us he was a painter (the house kind) for twelve years and the happiest day of his life was the day he didn’t have to be a painter anymore.  “Of course, a couple of years later,” he added, “I had to go back to being a painter, but that wasn’t such a great day.”
My favorite gem I’m taking away from this reading?  Someone asked how he knew when he was done revising.  “I stop feeling sick to my stomach and start thinking about a new book.”

3 thoughts on “Willy Vlautin author reading at Powell’s”

  1. I've never heard of him, his band, or his books! Reading up on him a little, it seems he writes general fiction? I had a friend in grad school who was a house painter. Tough job. He actually fell while on the job and got a traumatic brain injury. :-/ Hopefully Mr. Vlautin doesn't have to paint any longer!

  2. I love that you went to an author reading. I really could go to a lot around here, but generally do not. We are going to see Rick Steves in a week. I am quite excited about that!

  3. He writes blue collar fiction, which seems rare in this world. Although there may exist a lot I don't know about. One of the characters in "The Free" is inspired by the guys who worked in the paint store. He said, "I would see them three or four times a week, but never outside of the store. It was like they were my friends I only saw in that one place." And with that statement, I knew exactly what kind of guy Willy Vlautin is. He's that favorite customer you want the best for. I think the writing is going well enough that he's not painting any longer.

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