Hottest Day of the Year Ride, my !@#$%^

The Community Cycling Center sponsors not only the Worst Day of the Year ride in February, but also the Hottest Day of the Year ride in August. On the Worst Day of the Year ride, the temperature tends to be unseasonably pleasant, with lots of sun and not much rain. So it follows that the Hottest Day of the Year ride would be rather chilly, which it was.

I got up and put on my bike shorts and my summer tank top and wandered around the house getting things ready. In my wanderings, I quickly grew chilly and added pants and a jacket. It was freezing. I didn’t warm up until the last 20 minutes of the ride. Did I mention it was cold?

Kelly and I at the start.
At one rest stop they had sno-cones, and a slip-and-slide. I partook in a sno-cone–those are pure sugar!–and watched some crazy 12 year olds and college students slide on this slip and slide.
At the end we swerved to avoid the mist-er and partook of their ice cream sundae bar.

Notice that my jacket is still on. It was cold!

Morning walk, just a few pictures

We are at that happy, albeit brief, time of year when my morning constitutionals have enough light to capture pictures.

I’m not a fan of the things you can buy to make your trees have faces. They seem like a fun idea, but all the faces creep me out. Plus, faces on trees? Is this Oz? It’s just weird. So I’m on the fence about this guy. He’s a bit more natural, and doesn’t look like he’s molded plastic, and he does have some hair, so those are all good things. But, I don’t know, he doesn’t look very happy to be stuck in that wall forever. I’m caught between “fun and kitchy” and “weird feeling.”

This is a very nice little hothouse someone built. The windows can be propped up and it looks like it could be moved, although not easily. If I built one like that, it would take up a lot of my yard, but a smaller version would be nice. Perhaps someday.