Letters written in April

Two things paid off this month. My LEX membership proved itself well worth the $15.00 joining fee. Without it, I would not have had eight letters in my mailbox. Also my friendship with Sara. Six items from her appeared in my mailbox including a very nice care package with some stationery, postcards and an eraser. An above-and-beyond level of support as far as I’m concerned. Thanks so much.

Also this month the resolution morped into “write a letter most days” as there were 8 days of 30 where I did not write for various reasons. I’m not really beating myself up about it too much as I had the resolution, the garden and the math class going on. And full time work.

Note that my SAPE letter came back as undeliverable. I’m okay with that as LEX has brought me great dividends, but in case any of you were pining for a pen friend from the former Soviet Union, you should know that SAPE didn’t work for me.

AND this month I finished off my first tablet of writing paper. It’s the 200 sheet lined- jobber that we always had around when I was growing up. I like the size, it is great to hold onto when writing on the train or bus, and the less-than-$3.00 price is right for me.

Without further ado:
1 April. Sara
2 April. Sara
**Care package arrives from Sara
3 April. Elizabeth Gilbert
**postcard from Sara
4 April. LEX “Please, sir. More lighthouses, more bridges.
**postcard from Sara
5 April. LEX “Arm chair traveler? Let’s trade p/c’s of our trips. -Bob.”
6 April. No one.
7 April. No one.
**letter back from Sara
**letter back from LEX Blogging (wrote on 3/13)
8 April. LEX “Ah, spring! When all thoughts and letters are fresh and new! As we throw off winter, let us LEX together in the warm sunshine!”
**letter back from Jenna
9 April. LEX “Will you make a good old person?”
**letter back from LEX “Topic letters”
10 April. LEX “Must one suffer before one can write?”
**letter back from LEX “ready to discuss serious subjects”
11 April. LEX Jan. Topic Letters.
11 April. Postcard to Trimet re: really cool bus driver.
**letter back from LEX “Favorite Food”
**letter back from LEX “Movies”
12 April. April, Sara, Shawn. (Winners in my comment contest.)
13 April. Jess, Kathy. (Winners in my comment contest.)
14 April. Sara
**letter back from Sara
15 April. LEX Diane. Movies.
16 April. Sara
**SAPE application returned.
**Also of note, finished first 200 sheet writing tablet.
17 April. Jordan. Birthday Card.
18 April. No one.
**letter back from Trimet.
19 April. No one.
20 April. Marilyn Sewell. Senior minister at my church re: sermon “Is Marriage Obsolete?”
21 April. No one. (my notes say “exhausted”)
**postcard Sara
**card from Kathy thanking me for the prize sent on 13 April
**letter back from LEX Jan
**letter back from LEX “Favorite cities, travels, rivers, campgrounds.”
22 April. Sara
23 April. Diane.
24 April. Sara.
**postcard Sara
25 April. No one.
26 April. No one.
27 April. Jenna.
28 April. Sara.
**letter back from LEX Diane.
29 April. No one.
30 April. Sara

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  1. Yippee!! I am glad that our friendship paid off! Fun to see all of the old fashioned correspondence that goes on between the two of us! I am down to 3 letters left to respond to from you…I feel like a champ! In fact, I have responded to half of one already! Oh yeah! -S

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