Horses! In Portland!

These horses are one of the things I love about living in Portland. In 2006, Scott Wayne Indiana decided all those metal rings in the sidewalk leftover from the days before horseless carriages took over the city needed some horses tethered to them. So he and a few others began doing so. Anyone who is so inspired can join this quest to spread ponies throughout the city. The Oregonian covered the phenomenon on June 24, 2006 and the horses numbers have lessened since then but I still come upon them now and then. My favorite quote from the story:

“If you install your own, note that Upham uses wire rope and compression ferrules. It’s a technique that often gets the attention of passers-by, such as the guy who followed her after she installed a pony in front of Lauro Mediterranean Kitchen to tell her she’d left her horse behind.

“I don’t really look like the kind of person who plays with toy horses on the sidewalk,” she said, “but I thanked him and said I’d be back for it later, but if he wanted to give it some water in the meantime, that’d be fine.”
story by John Foyston.

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  1. Classic! Who knew? Thanks for informing me. We will probably be in OR this summer (to visit our new niece or nephew) and we will have to be on the look out when we come to Portland!!! -S

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