1 July 2008. A picture from the Hungary/Romania trip.

The Open Air Museum! I loved this place. I could have spent three days here. What is an open air museum? We wondered that too. Eventually the appropriate translation was made. “Sort of like Colonial Williamsburg” was the consensus. Indeed. This museum recreated several regions of Hungary. And by “Hungary” they mean “the vast Hungarian Empire which we would like to have back, but which has been carved into many pieces leaving us with little of our original land.” Long memories, there. Not that I blame them.

So you can wander through all different kinds of villages in the style of, oh say, “Upper Market Town,” “Great Plains,” “Southern Transdaunbia,” etc. In each village is a church and few houses and barns, etc. They have people demonstrating how to make traditional food and do other traditional things. You can ride in a horse and buggy, which I loved, let me tell you. Each area tells you a little about the kind of family which might live in a particular style house and what might be going on. I looked in on one house of a grape grower and they were preparing for a baby christening, and had all the christening finery out on display.

They also have traditional Hungarian livestock. Above is a picture of the Hungarian Grey Cow. “White” one of us would usually correct upon seeing it. “No, Grey” we were told. Okay, they are sort of grey.

I include this picture not only so you can see the Hungarian Grey Cow yourself, but also because of Dana’s great picture of it. Later, after this day was over, on a day with a very long bus ride, Dana and I were looking at the pictures we had taken to pass the time. Not having laptops along with us, we were viewing our pictures on our cameras, which doesn’t necessarily make for the best viewing, the screens being so small and all. As we scrolled though her pictures of the Open Air Museum I wondered aloud if she had gotten a photo of the Grey Cow. “I did!” she said proudly. But when she scrolled to it, we both broke out into laughter because her picture of the gray cow only included the feet. How she managed to take that picture and not notice she was missing three-quarters of the cow I’m not sure, but it inspired much mirth on a very long, hot bus ride.

Also on our list of things to do today. A visit to Visegrad Fortress (which hadn’t changed much since I saw it in 2005. Click on that Visegrad link. It’s pretty cool.) A visit to Szentendre, where I bought a lovely painting of Fishermen’s Bastion, a boat ride down the Danube River to Budapest and a delicious dinner at a Greek restaurant where Barnabas and his mother noticed a famous TV actress sitting behind us.

3 thoughts on “1 July 2008. A picture from the Hungary/Romania trip.”

  1. Wow – it looks like you are having a great time.

    You will be able to compare the differences between life in Romania and Budapest – buy lots of supplies in Budapest as it is much cheaper than when you get into Romania!

  2. p.s I just noticed you came in 2008 so you can help me…

    At the moment, I am trying to build up a photo library of great pictures of Romania, and I would be thrilled if you would consider adding one of stunning your pictures onto my site (http://www.Pictures-of-Romania.com ), along with a comment about why you liked Romania or that particular place so much.

  3. Seriously, did you get that comment above? COOL! I know that you did, but we love a good non-friend comment every once in awhile!!!! I love interpretive historical parks like this. LOVE THEM!!! -S

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