Three sentence movie reviews–Whip it.

Like the goldfish in the bowl, one thought kept reoccurring as I watched this movie: “Why can’t they make more movies like this?” How often do we get to see a smart, articulate young woman work very hard for something she loves who is not a boy? Even Juliette Lewis didn’t bug me, and I can’t recommend this enough.

Bechdel score: two women: yes. Who talk to each other: yes! About something besides a man: YES!

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–Whip it.”

  1. While visiting Boise, I finally saw this movie with a friend. Being in the older age catagory, it took awhile to adjust. For some reason this movie reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite. The whole thing was just a little off kilter. As it turned out we both liked the movie. That is saying a lot as my friend is while a liberal, only by Idaho standards. MOM

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