The peeps return to their rightful home.

Witness the beauty of the bird food filled vase I constructed for my Aunt Pat’s birthday present. The vase is a fancy, heavy one–good for smashing on an intruder’s head. It also looks nice with flowers in it. I bought some seed at Fred Meyer and made pretty layers and it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. I was left with a goodly amount of bird seed and realized this would be a perfect method for transporting the peeps back to their true home.

Witness “The Peeps”

“The Peeps” have been traveling back and forth between their rightful home, Aunt Pat’s and my own for several years now. There are no rules for moving the peeps, but they mostly have to be snuck into the house. I have the advantage here, as I go to my Aunt’s house much more often than she comes to mine, but she is quite sneaky. Once she packed me a bag of leftovers and upon unpacking at my home there sat the peeps in the bottom of the bag. Most recently she dropped off the quarter of beef in my freezer and threw in the peeps. I didn’t discover them for several months. I’ve added the cartoon to the peeps. The bubble says, “Juschillinwif my peeps. Sup wichou?” But today, the peeps go back to their proper home.

I found a bucket and poured in part of the bird seed, dropped in the peeps and covered them with the rest of the seed.

I was so excited, I forgot to take an “in process” picture.

How can I tell you all this, without her finding out? She has no computer and does not read this blog. My mother does, but she will side with her only daughter and not reveal that the peeps have been transferred back. Right?

4 thoughts on “The peeps return to their rightful home.”

  1. I like Peeps, and my memories of how this began are hazy, but I think I gave them to my Aunt and she gave them back to me. Perhaps as a wrapped Christmas present. And we were off!

  2. So, have they been discovered? Is that part of the tradition? Telling of the amused discovery? Then the plotting? This is a brilliant Peeps return plan. I love that you have this game!

  3. Well, I feel that the rules dictate that when the peeps are found the findee must call in outrage and humor, saying "I found the peeps!" However, my Aunt did not do that last time, which was part of the reason it took me so long to find the peeps hidden with the beef. I just assumed she hadn't located them yet.

    I was there yesterday and saw the container. Truth be told, I'm anticipating years going by, due to my Aunt's over abundance of "things" in her life. There's an empty wine bottle sitting in the pantry that has been there since 2001, so it may be awhile before she cracks open the bird seed.

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