Walk to Alberta Street

I need new shoes.  Actually, I seem to be in need of a lot of new clothing all of a sudden, I’m not sure what happened.  At any rate, I took a walk to Alberta Street and Pie Footwear.  Here’s what I saw along the way.

Longtime readers with stellar memories may recall my love for the house that once stood on this lot.  People who need to refresh their memories can click here.  Indeed, the house is gone and holes are being dug for bigger houses and more of them.  If only progress went in the way I wanted it to, namely more houses, but more tiny houses.  And with permaculture landscapes.

Autumn carpet.
What should I hear from the basement of the house next to the van with the bumper sticker “Drum Machines Have No Soul”?  Someone playing the drums.  Appropriately.

2 thoughts on “Walk to Alberta Street”

  1. So did you find anything good at Pie Footwear?

    I also desperately need new clothes, as many of my current clothes have holes. Someone was asking me the other day why all my clothes have holes and I'm like, "Because they're old?" Lol.

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