Three sentence movie reviews: Looper

First off, let me reassure you that in 2044, women are still wearing high heels.*  This movie constantly surprised me, went to a few dark places I had no idea were coming and was a thoughtful, well-acted,** action-packed piece that I really loved.  That said, given what I know of the people around me who are parents, especially of young children, you might want to do a little research and see if you really want to see this movie before you go.

Cost:  free due to movie passes
Where watched:  Regal City Center 12, Vancouver.  And let me tell you, that theater was the opposite of  a hip, happening place on a Friday night.  I’m a bit worried for its future.
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*I would like to think we will evolve past them at some point, but not any time soon, according to this movie.
**Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Bruce Willis!  And, totally unexpectedly, Emily Blunt!

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