Three sentence movie reviews: Paper Heart

This is a quasi-documentary, in that it’s filmed in a documentary style, but you can’t believe anything you see presented as fact. However, that does not make it one whit less delightful as we travel the country with Charlyne Yi hearing people talk about love and watch her own views on love undergo a metamorphosis when one charming gentleman by the name of Michael Cera enters the picture. Overall, this is 88 minutes of delight (possibly propelled by the fact I love Michael Cera, but also due to the general whimsical nature of the movie) and I recommend it heartily.

Cost:  free from library (yet another, “why not?” that turned out well)
Where watched: at home with Kelly, my “I’m on break, big salad and a movie” companion.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Paper Heart”

  1. I have heard great things about this, too. I vaguely remember that is was, as you say, quasi -documentary, with some truth. Micheal Cera is such a Peter Pan delight!

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