The old DB, prisoners cemetery and some time by the kiddie pool.

And so we set off for the old DB, the disciplinary barracks. (AKA Army Prison)

Here’s the edge of the old DB.

Heading in.

The current DB has an iron forage program for prisoners, the result of which is a lot of really beautiful iron work around the fort.

The prisoners made these tables and chairs. 

Old guard tower.

We’re inside now, and have been for a few pictures now, and this was one of the work buildings.

The old wall.  Where that large parking lot is now, was the Castle.  There was a really great photographic representation of it, which I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of.  The Castle was the prison part of the prison and was a huge multisided, well, let’s see if I can find a picture of it.  Okay, this page has a drawing of what it was modeled on.   It was very large, that castle.

11/22 Update!  Heather went back and took photos of the cool picture.  
Here is regular:
Here is panoramic:
More prison buildings.  All of these building have ghosts in them.  

Furnace chimney.

Wall with chimney.

After exiting the old DB Patrick and E. went home to get the car and Heather, L and I headed toward the prisoner’s cemetery.  As you can see, it was a very pretty walk.  Patrick caught up with us before we got there, though.

Here is an upside down picture of a gravestone.  This cemetery was established in 1884 for prisoners who died or were executed and who had no next of kin, or their next of kin refused the remains. 

E running through the graveyard.

Not surprising why I took this picture.

He was a prince of thieves maybe?

In the back of the cemetery are the German prisoners of war who were executed during WWII.  You can explore more on that topic here.  

I took pictures of the graves because I wanted to hear Matt say the names in German.  I was rewarded.

I enjoy a good child with gravestone picture. It’s the whole cycle, right there.

Interesting post.

Another famous name.

The sign outside the cemetery.

We went driving to see the new DB.  Here’s a sign for the farm they used to have.

Over that bluff is the new DB.  I wasn’t supposed to take pictures, so this is as close as I got.  Here is a link to a picture. Scroll down.

Back at the house, we enjoyed the pool.

I enjoyed the blue ceiling of the back porch.

I can’t get over the blonde curls.


Three sentence movie reviews: Camp Nowhere

Not a bad film, for what it is, namely a popcorn flick that was designed for adolescent viewing on cable.  Enjoy identifying child actors who are still working, and also enjoy the plot.  Get angry that the “fat” girl is barely even normal sized.

Cost:  free via some magical thing that lets you choose movies from a list.
Where watched:  At the Wolf Pack’s house in Kansas, where they have several choosing movie things that I don’t understand.  It was like living in the future.

poster from:

Fort Leavenworth

My visit commences!  After a smooth flight, a trip through the Kansas City airport, (which I hadn’t seen since 1995), Heather (who I haven’t seen in the flesh since 1997) picked me up and we picked up some barbecue for a taste-off.  Not surprisingly, the place with the sauce in the prepackaged pouches did not win.  Also not surprisingly, the sauce without so much vinegar was my favorite.  Although that place didn’t have pulled pork.  Anyway, yum!
We went for a walk.  Here’s where Heather and her family live on Fort Leavenworth.  They have one half of the building.  It was pretty awesome, that house.

Most of the older houses have informative signs telling you how long they’ve been around.

Nice detail here.

There was a lot of brick, which I was a fan of.  And a lot of good detail, like on this porch.

And a lot of zoom things like this bird’s nest, which can be seen in the above photo at the top of the right-hand column.

The original wall of the fort, with rifle slot for defense.

It curved, that original wall.

We saw a fox!

My zoom was a little shaky, but there he is.

There are a lot of historical markers.  I also like this photo, because both Heather (on the right) and myself (in shadow) are in it.

Patrick and E.

The mighty Missouri.

Back side of the chapel, which I liked because there are three kinds of building material used on this end: stone, cinder block and wood.

More good detail.

And this.

There were a lot of flags, not just US flags, but from all over.

Big houses.

This is the commander’s house.  Faaaannnncccy!

These cannons have never been fired.

Nice clock tower with this building.

For some reason, the thickness of this drainage grate fascinated me.

This is the “beehive”. More on that in a later post.

Good window detail.

This is Heather’s porch.

Flag and tree.

Just tree.
Digital cameras are a good way to entertain a youngster.  I would take the picture and the show her the image.