My next picture will be a blockbuster

This is from a review about the new King Kong movie, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.  He directed Kings of Summer, which I adored.

Here’s what he said.  “No one saw [Kings of Summer] which was heartbreaking…So I decided I wanted to make a big movie, because I wanted people to see the next film I made.”

Here’s what my #52womeninfilm project taught me.  Women make movies all the time. And no one sees them. And they don’t get the choice of their next picture being a big film.

I’m happy for Vogt-Roberts being able to make a big film for his next movie.  But I can’t help thinking about all the women directors who would also like their next movie to be a big film and don’t get that opportunity.

Then later, this list of “untested” directors.  What do they have in common?

“Vogt-Roberts says he landed the gig because the producers like how he had turned the woods in ‘The Kings of Summer’ into a veritable character in the film.”

And I would also venture to guess that the producers (four male, one female) liked him because he reminded them a little of themselves.  Which is why Hollywood is the way it is.