Another house in Kenton is headed for the wrecking ball

This little blue house has always been one of my favorites on this street. But it will soon not be a house any longer.

The house at 1350 N. Watts was built in 1925, has 730 square feet, plus an unfinished basement and a 500 square foot detached garage.

The assessor detail on PortlandMaps tells me that it sold in April for $330,000. It’s prior sale was in 2003 and was for $142,000. (O! If only I could have bought when I first got to Portland!) It sold for $79,900 in 1997 and $26,000 in 1994.

Goodbye little blue house, with the unfortunately pruned apple tree in the front yard. I will miss you.

2 thoughts on “Another house in Kenton is headed for the wrecking ball”

  1. Wow! That summation of house values in it’s little history is a telling story of the area.

    Too bad is right!

    Is it actually gone now?

    1. Yep it’s gone.

      I’m trying to get to a different place–one other than that of profound loss–when houses go down. I support the theory behind increased density, and my own house was only built because a small house was sacrificed.

      Though I do think the city needs to get on a permitting system for street parking ASAP.

      Not anticipated by me when I took that picture but currently being experienced is the fact that what they are building there is multi-storied and is changing my view from my desk. Until this point, my first glimpse of sunrise has been a patch of sky that is now being obscured by upper floors on that lot. And I’ve had a lot of mornings staring at the first rays of sun because early mornings were when I used to do my writing.

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